The Role of Pilates In Weight Loss

The Role of Pilates In Weight Loss


Pilates is an exercise that involves working out on a mat on the floor, or by using equipment known as a reformer. Pilates exercise is low impact and is suitable for most people (check with your health professional) and can also help with gradual weight loss.

This low-impact exercise can be done around twice to three times every week. It can also alternate your exercise sessions with yoga or other strength training exercises for faster results in weight loss.

How Low Impact Exercises Can Help Achieve Weight Loss

Shaping Your Body

The exercises in Pilates assist in the toning of muscles, particularly the middle areas of the body. Your body becomes toned using various Pilates techniques and you gradually see a slimmer appearance. Most of the people who work towards losing weight look forward to a slimmer body and this low-impact working out can help you achieve that goal.

Developing Strength

Losing weight can help you to develop the physical ability to exercise. Many people who are overweight struggle with weight loss exercises. As per the findings of the exercise experts, Pilates exercise is excellent for developing the required strength and flexibility as well as toning your body.

Pilates exercises can help lighten back pain making you exercise session easier and comfortable. Once you build up your muscles you should be able to do more exercises with utmost comfort and minimal difficulty.


The low impact exercises give you a smooth introduction to the routine of movements. These exercises also help you achieve good balance.
Good balance enables you to move easily and often more quickly. This allows you to focus more on exercises that you enjoy and can do comfortably. Once you can move easily losing weight becomes very achievable.


Pilates exercise can benefit the body as well as the spirit and mind. It can help you achieve a positive perspective on the journey of weight loss and this may help you lose more weight quickly and for the long term. A positive attitude and a rejuvenated spirit are crucial for your overall well-being.

Practices Adopted From Low Impact Exercising

• Concentration
You learn how to give each exercise total attention and how to maintain a high level of focus.

• Flow
Performing these exercises involves flexible and graceful movements, and this can assist you in your daily routines by boosting your poise and coordination.

• Control
Pilates helps increase your muscle power and flexibility resulting in safe and graceful movements.

• Breath
You continuously take full and deep breaths while exercising and this can help to reduce stress, and increase performance in sports.

Pilates exercises are an essential part of the weight loss journey for all people. You can achieve not only a more toned body and also a healthy state of mind and a positive outlook on a healthy lifestyle.