Back Pain & Trigenic Treatment

Back Pain & Trigenic Treatment


Back pain is a discomfort by a person along the spinal cord due to injury, lifting of heavy loads or any other strenuous activities. This might either be the whole spinal cord (which might be life-threatening) or sections like the lower back pain (buttocks, upper thighs and groin areas), the middle back pain or thoracic spins (lumber and cervical areas) or the upper back pain (neck and shoulders). Trigenics specialists are all over the town and can be any chiropractor Applecross has.


Symptoms of Back Pains

The symptoms are around the spinal code and affect the nervous system directly or indirectly. They include:-

  • Neck Pain
  • Numbness
  • Body numbness
  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle weakness


Trigenics Treatment

It is a form of neuromuscular treatment that uses physical means to correct body tissues. The main aim is to improve relaying of information between the brain and other body parts. The treatment is gentle and acts immediately to relieve pain, improve muscle performance and recuperate muscles. It is similar to chiropractic methods and has gained much impact among osteopaths, masseuse and physiotherapists.

Being at the centre of the neurological system, the spine is the main communication channel of the body. Any information relayed from the lower body part has to go through the spine. If there were to have a torn tendon, muscle or ligament damage, then these impulses might be distorted. Trigenics treatment works in three folds to mend this breakdown by increasing the stimuli generated to create the actual response intended.


  1. Neurogenic (Resisted Exercise Neurology)

This includes frequent movement of the patient. The chiropractor then restricts movement on specific muscles which sends impulses to the brain.


  1. Myogenic (Nerve-Sensor Treatment)

This treatment requires the doctor to directly apply pressure on the muscle, tendon or ligament by either traction or rhythmic sensations. It stimulates the nerves to send the impulses to the brain.


  1. Autogenics (Breathing Biofeedback)

This is a controlled breathing exercise as the doctor instructs what to focus on to improve the body’s sensations. This is a direct feedback mechanism that offers therapy to the muscles to improve the response rate of the body’s neurology.

Another treatment is the spinal manipulative therapy. This is the movement of the spinal joint brought about by exercise, massage and physical therapy. It relieves pressure on the joints and improves the nervous functions.


Lifestyle advice is also a good preventive method to overcome back pain. This touches on sitting posture, being active and exercising regularly. If these physical activities prove too tedious, the doctor might advise nutrition supplements, a change in diet or electrical stimulation.


The process tries to reconfigure the communication between the central nervous system and the rest of the body. Also, it increases flexibility and body strength. This is done by stimulating the nerve sensors in targeted muscles to align the said muscles to normality. The variety of chiropractor Applecross has can effectively handle such conditions.