Dealing with back pains in cricketers

cricketbckYou could be potentially one of the numerous cricketers who encounter some lower-back solidness or agony, either amid or in the wake of rocking the bowling alley. Even though there are multiple conceivable causes of lower back, a standout amongst the most well-known issues found on this subject is from harmed vertebral bone. It is an issue that could keep you away from cricket for quite some time.

Low Back Pain explained?

It is the best description of any back pain. Continuously playing is the most significant reason for back pain in cricket. Also, note that twisting/bending to handle the ball and to remain in the field for delayed periods likewise put weight on the back this can also bring back pain.

Any part of the lower back can be influenced – the discs, tendons, facet joints or even the muscles however in quick bowlers, especially the more youthful ones, the most ordinarily shaped piece of the lower back is known as the ‘Pars Interarticularis’. It is the locale of the Lumbar vertebra; It is where a pressure crack can be created. It is portrayed by a spinal pain after cricket, especially when you are bending a lot.

What to do to avert Low Back Pain?

Quick knocking down some pins in cricket requires a blend of spinal hyperextension (bowing in reverse) add this with revolution and side bending of the trunk. At the point when it is repeatedly done this puts intemperate weight on a territory of the vertebra mentioned above, and this is the place a pressure break begins to create. Solid stability practices are critical to anticipate back issues in cricket players also there are insole Shock Absorbing can decrease weight in the back area.

What to do if you have Low Back Pain?

A relieving Heat Pack can lessen back torment and back muscle fit. Once analysed, push breaks of the lower end usually require a month and a half of rest to enable the unresolved issue. Amid this period, you can have chartered physiotherapist to monitor your exercises. These activities to build and increase sharply in the lower back.

Research has demonstrated that muscles in the lumbar area can prompt low back torment. The exercises focus on specific particular muscles which offers the spine much better help. It forestalls postural flaws which can cause back pain

Why get help from a professional?

Note that it is essential to get help from a reputable facility such as Bathurst Chiropractic for an exact determination of the problem so visit a sports doctor, an orthopaedic specialist or a qualified sports physiotherapist who has worked with cricketers. Most people claim to have met numerous specialists who reject low back torment in cricketers and declare it just a significant muscle strain. However, kindly don’t make due to such a conclusion as it doesn’t like a ruling factor in the effects of the game on youthful bowlers’ spines.

All that we do at Bathurst Chiropractor is to enable you to have a stay healthy, safe and happy in the game. Our general logic of thinking is one of not merely giving relief from discomfort (however we do that as well!)but ensure general health. When you are in any pain, your body is sending you a red flag. It’s a flag that something isn’t working for you in your life. We centre around recognising and redressing those issues.

Shoulder Pain in Cricketers – Causes And Treatment

iStock_shoulderIt is crucial for any person playing cricket or any other kind of sport to ensure they are physically fit. You need to be fit to play all-round the new season, take wickets, or hit boundaries. A physically fit player has a lower risk of injuries which might keep the player on sidelines for a prolonged period. Cricketers can experience two different types of shoulder injuries namely, acute pain and chronic shoulder pain. The article outlines causes and nature of shoulder pain and treatment.

Causes and Types

The humerus and scapula fit to form the shoulder joint. The joint is loose to allow 360 degrees mobility of the arm. The joint also allows the bones, ligaments, and muscles to function stably. An injury or pain at the joint limits the movement of the joint. Some of the causes of the illness are due to muscle tears, bone dislocation while playing cricket, and bursitis among others.

Rotator Cuff Injury & Pain

The rotator cuff is a muscle in the shoulder joint. It is a common type of shoulder pain experienced by cricketers. It comes about due to the repeated throwing or bowling. The overuse of the muscles during the long cricket season can cause damage leading to pain. Inflammation of tendons in the shoulder causes the pain. Cricketers can improve and strengthen arms through physical exercises such as pilates.


During the match, the ball might hit your arm muscles causing bruising. Wounds can be severe depending on the damage of tissues or swelling on your shoulder especially for all-rounder and wicketkeeper.

Thrower’s Elbow

Cricketers can experience pain in elbow due to hand overuse which causes damage. The bowler uses the same hand to throw the ball.

Treatment and Diagnosis

In case a cricketer experience pain on the shoulder before, during, or after a match, they should consult their physician immediately. If the pain persists, then the cricketer should seek help from a Sports and Spinal Physio for specialised treatment. The specialist will perform a thorough examination of the shoulder to establish procedure applicable, and relieve the patient of any shoulder pain. The physio may utilise a combination of blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and X-rays among other tests to diagnose the shoulder pain.

Medications- Pain Relievers

A specialist will prescribe the use of drugs to relieve pain on the joint if the injury is minor. Paracetamol drugs are helpful in reducing the pain.


Cricketers can also use ice to minimise pain during a match.

Steroids injections

An injection of shoulder muscles can reduce shoulder pain. The doses improve the function of the shoulder quickly by reducing inflammation in the tissues.


In extreme cases, a cricketer may require surgery to reduce shoulder pain. For instance, a player may need surgery to repair rotator cuff injuries. Operations also enable replacements of shoulder joints.

During recovery of shoulder pain or injury, a Sports and Spinal Physio will assist the patient with physiotherapy programs. The programs will include regular exercises of the body and the shoulder and advice on improving posture of the joint. The specialist will assist in dressing in case a player experience dislocation, or broken bones on the shoulder.

The A-Z of Contact Sports Injury and Their Prevention


The A-Z of Contact Sports Injury and Their Prevention

A sports injury is something we are all aware of. Sometimes the injury can be so severe that it can end the professional career of a sports person. The injury is more severe in the high impact full-contact sports like ice hockey, soccer or roller derby. Players can suffer from several types of injuries involved in contact sports such as ankle sprains, fractures, dislocations, concussions, lacerations, cuts etc. You can seek advice from a Perth chiropractor on the protective measures to take for the contact sports.

What Do You Need to Know About Sports Injuries?

There are mainly two types of injuries; the acute injury and the chronic injury.The acute injury or the one-time injury occurs during full-contact sports. Fractures bones or sprained ankles are some of the common acute injuries.The chronic injury takes place due to repeated stress over a period of time. You can easily prevent the overuse injuries by stop playing when you are exhausted. Fatigue reduces the protective mechanism of your body making you more prone to injury.  The PRICE principle is of great help in treating common injuries in sports.

What is the PRICE Principle?

P- Protect:Protecting the injury with the help of pad, crutch or sprint

R-Restrict Activity: Restricting the activity would safeguard against wound worsening.

I-Apply Ice: Ice has anti-inflammatory properties and you should apply it for every 20 minutes for 1-2 hours.

C-Compression:  Compressing with the help of elastic bandage reduces swelling.

E-Elevation of the Injured Area: Reduce swelling by elevation of injured area above the position of the heart.

What are the Common Types of Sports Injuries and What You Can Do About Them?

  • Ankle Sprain: Sprained ankle is a common injury faced by athletes and takes place if your toe turns inwards. This result is tearing of the ligament of the foot. The best treatment for an ankle sprain is an exerciseto regain muscle strength and flexibility. You can talk to your Perth chiropractor to suggest exercises to increase your muscle strength and thereby prevent re-injury.
  • Fracture: Fractured bones are common in sports like hockey, cricket or boxing, where fracture occurs due to impact from racket, ball or repetitive force such as in boxing. Faceguards, batting helmets or mouth guards are the protective gears used in these contact sports for preventing such injuries. You can even take the advice of a Perth chiropractor as to what protective gears should be used for the various contact sports.
  • Knee Injury: Sportsmen especially cricketers and runners sustain knee injuries. Athletes can face the problem of tenderness over their kneecaps, tendinitis or pain along the sides of their knees. Knee injuries are frequent in contact sports like cricket, hockey, football etc. These injuries occur due to twists and blows on the knees and even due to lack of the warming up exercises on the part of the players. Thus to prevent knee injuries proper warming up exercises should be done. Your Perth chiropractor can help you in suggesting what warm-up exercises can be done to prevent knee injuries. Cricket playersshould wear knee pads for protecting their knee joints and cartilages from injury.
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome: The Patellofemoral Syndrome knee injury results from the repetitive movement of the kneecap or patella against the thigh bone. This can occur in many contact sports such as basketball, volleyball One of the knees or both the knees can be affected. The best way to prevent recurrence of this type of knee injury is with the help of low-impact exercises. Take the suggestions of an experienced Perth chiropractor as to what exercises needs to be done of the quadriceps to relieve pain and prevent the recurrence of this syndrome.

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